Amigos feels called to stand alongside the most vulnerable in Uganda so that, through working together, young people in Uganda may be able to achieve self-sustainability and given a brighter hope for the future. We feel passionate about helping to build a better and fulfilling life for the next generation of Uganda's mothers and fathers.

Through Kira Farm Development Centre we equip young people with vocational training and holistic life skills including health and nutrition and character development. The majority of our students come from the north of Uganda where conflict and poverty have disadvantaged an entire generation. Our students return home equipped and empowered to bring sustainable change to their communities. For more information on our sustainable farming methods and unique training centre do explore the Kira Farm webpages.

We believe that education is key to giving hope to orphaned and disadvantaged young people. Whether orphaned through HIV/AIDS, rebel activity or merely poverty and family breakdown, education frequently comes second place when survival is the priority. By helping a child obtain an education, we can lift a huge burden from a family already trapped in poverty and provide a future hope for this child. Wherever possible, we support a child within their extended family enabling family bonds to be strengthened. For more information on our innovative model of child sponsorship do visit our child sponsorship pages.