How We Work

Empowerment, Sustainability and Freedom

At Amigos we work alongside our African partners, through education and training, with the aim of bringing about entire communities who are self-supporting. Our vision is to see poor and marginalised people live with dignity, equality and freedom.            


The rules we work by

  • Everyone can be helped - whatever age, gender, tribe, faith or history

  • Poverty isn’t just material – many believe the future is hopeless. We aim to restore hope.

  • Skills must be passed on – everyone Amigos invests in is expected to invest in others by passing on the skills they have learnt to build new lives free from poverty and hunger.

  • Exit strategies are essential – we won’t be around forever. We work with groups and individuals for specific periods of time, so they are motivated to acquire the skills necessary to become independent.

  • Listen, listen, listen – we never think we know it all. We are proud that our team in Uganda is made up entirely of Ugandans. We are directed by the people we seek to help.

This is a picture of a group of Ugandan men and women smiling

We know that we can’t do everything, but we can all do something!

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