Child Sponsorship in Uganda

Help change the world, one child at a time - bring lasting change to a child in poverty

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Just 55p a day makes a huge difference. Not just to your sponsored child, but also to your child’s extended family, improving the quality of life for everyone – now and into the future.

This is a picture of a young child in Uganda carrying a baby on their back

Education is key to escaping poverty, yet only 1 in 4 young people in Uganda are fortunate enough to complete their secondary education. With the youngest population in the world there are millions of children trapped outside the school gates destined for a life of hunger and deprivation.

Through our Child Sponsorship programme we seek out the most vulnerable children, many of whom are orphaned and have been affected by war and HIV. We don’t take them away and put them in an orphanage, instead we support them to gain access to education while they live with their extended families.

Key to the success of the programme is that we provide education for their guardians too - many of whom are responsible for numerous children. We offer the guardians training in areas of their choice, such as poultry farming or setting up small enterprises. Over time this means the family are no longer dependent on the kindness of charity, they are able to support themselves and enjoy a life of dignity and success, reaping the rewards of their own hard work. 

This sustainable approach to child-led family sponsorship means that many more families and communities can be helped. 


The Impact 


  • A non-sponsored child drinks 2 glasses of clean water a day, mainly at home
  • A sponsored child drinks 2 LITRES of clean water a day as he will have access to clean water both at school and at home


  • Around 15% of non-sponsored children will have two meals a day, the rest will simpy have one meal in the evening
  • 100% of sponsored children eat two meals a day as a school dinner is included in their sponsorship


  • Only a few non-sponsored children in rural Uganda (around 20%) sleep on a mattress, most sleep on the floor or on papyrus mats
  • 100% of sponsored children sleep on a mattress


  • 25% of non-sponsored children in rural areas complete their secondary education
  • 95% of sponsored children in rural areas complete their secondary education


  • Half of non-sponsored children in rural Uganda are likely to spend their adult lives living on less than $1 a day
  • Nearly all sponsored children will spend their adult life living on $5 a day


What you receive

  • You will create a unique connection and be their only sponsor.
  • You can choose whether to sponsor a girl or boy.
  • You will see their life changing through the letters and photos you’ll receive.
  • Your donations will help transform a family’s life and have a ripple effect throughout the community.
  • You can even fly out and visit your sponsored child.

This picture shows the difference in water consumption of sponsored children compared to the average school child in Uganda

Why us?

We're experts. Our child sponsorship programme has been developed locally by the Ugandan people it is designed to benefit. This has enabled us to address cultural issues sensitively, ensuring we don’t cause divisions within communities and families. 

We never aim to pay all school costs as we believe this would compromise the dignity of the family. We want Ugandan families and relatives to remain the primary caregivers of their own children - we simply aim to provide a supporting role.

£16 per month covers around 90% of school costs depending on the age of the sponsored child, the area they live in and their chosen school. Your £16 will contribute to the cost of education, school meals, uniforms and basics like school stationery.

Working with integrity

We’re accountable to the children and communities we work with, and to the sponsors and donors who make that work possible. We regularly evaluate the progress of children in the sponsorship programme to see how successfully we’re meeting their needs.

'The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children across the world was something I couldn't ignore and when I discovered Amigos I felt compelled to become a sponsor. Today I have a deep satisfaction in the knowledge that my husband and I are helping create a brighter future for two vulnerable children. I believe it's up to each of us to make a difference.' Vicki, Dorset.

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We know that we might not be able to change the whole world, but together we can change the whole world for one child.

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