Child Sponsorship in Uganda

A unique and exciting child sponsorship opportunity

When life is hard, children suffer. Help a young child flourish today by joining our unique and dynamic child sponsorship programme. Please SIGN UP today.

Every child is special. Every child deserves a bright future. For the price of a daily postage stamp you can be the difference in a child’s life, providing education, nutrition and healthcare.

Amigos is so passionate about change we don’t want to focus on just one young family member. We want to see a whole family flourish and move from dependence to dignity. By becoming a sponsor, you will help break the cycle of poverty for your sponsored child AND their family.

This is a picture of a young child in Uganda carrying a baby on their back

Why sponsor with Amigos?

For a child to thrive, their family needs to thrive. Our programme is designed to ‘teach a man to fish’ enabling whole families to move from dependence to dignity.

Child Sponsorship is linked to our very effective KiRU rural farming programme which is the key to its success – equipping caregivers to feed their families and set up small businesses to generate an income. Providing a ‘complete package’ means that over time families no longer rely on hand-outs but can support themselves.

What difference does sponsorship make?

EDUCATION  Unable to afford books, pencils and a school uniform, many children are forced to drop out of school. Your support will ensure that never happens.

SICKNESS  Children get sick. Your sponsorship not only provides help with clinic bills, but also with training in health and hygiene, and HIV/AIDS prevention.  

ABUSE  Many children live in fear of early marriage and abuse. Through sponsorship your child will have a one to one mentor to provide care, support and protection.

HUNGER - Children often survive on one meal a day. Your support guarantees your sponsored child a school meal. Additionally, their caregiver will receive training in conservation farming skills enabling the whole family to eat well.

EMOTIONAL HEALTH  Poverty causes problems beyond the material. Our approach to poverty is holistic - by partnering with the local church our support addresses emotional needs.

POVERTY  The child’s caregivers will be trained in business skills and linked to a savings group to help grow business opportunities and increase household income.

A life-enriching experience
Sponsoring a child is an incredible experience. You can easily exchange letters and photos with your sponsored child and see how much your support is transforming their life and the lives of those around them.

Why Uganda?

  • Only 1 in 4 young people in Uganda complete their secondary education.
  • Uganda has the world’s youngest population with the highest unemployment rates
  • Uganda has one of the fastest growing populations on earth

This complete package provides an amazing opportunity for the whole family to move from dependence to dignity, for generations to come.

400 people are sponsoring a child through our life-changing programme. For £16 a month you can sign up today and join them!



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