Meet the Child Sponsors

The incredible impact of joining the Amigos' Child Sponsorship programme

Read stories from sponsors who explain how it feels to know you are helping turn a child’s life around thanks to being part of Amigos’ Child Sponsorship Programme

'I Felt a Pull to Do Something to Help'
Sarah decided to sponsor Lewin after meeting his father Ezuma on a visit to Kira Farm back in 2012. 'When I saw his mud hut in Masindi and how his family was squatting on land which was not their own, I felt this pull to do something to help,' explains Sarah. 'Two years after I started sponsoring Lewin to go to school, I returned to Uganda and saw him again - the change was fantastic. He had gone from a very shy, unsure young boy who refused to smile at the camera, to a confident child who was laughing with his friends. Someone who could see a future for himself. Sponsoring a child is amazing; when I come home from a long day at work to find a letter on the doormat, it is always a pleasant surprise. It’s so rewarding to have that personal connection with the child you sponsor – and being able to physically see the change in Lewin has made the whole thing worthwhile. It’s the best £16 a month I could possibly spend!'

This is a picture of an Amigos supporter beside her sponsored child in Uganda

A Humbling Experience
Aimee travelled to Uganda in March 2015. 'Earlier this year I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet Gastus, the boy I've sponsored through Amigos for the past three years. I can’t describe how special it was to meet him after all this time of sending and receiving letters and updates. I was fortunate enough to be invited to visit Gastus at home and meet his grandmother, who looks after him. It was a truly humbling experience to witness such joy and appreciation from people who have so little. My parents sponsor an older boy, Ronald, who is in his final year at Green Valley. His father was also kind enough to invite us into their home and spend time with us. He gave us a gift of a sack of the most delicious avocados I have ever tasted. It was really quite emotional to meet both boys – Ronald broke down when he told us how grateful he was to be sponsored. I couldn’t recommend the Amigos child sponsorship programme enough – it really is changing lives with a hand up, not a hand out.'

This is a picture of an Amigos supporter meeting her sponsored child for the first time in Uganda

An Emotional Meeting With a Child who has Survived War
Yvette had been exchanging letters with Emmanuel for six years when she finally had the chance to meet him. Emmanuel’s village had been stormed by the Lord’s Resistance Army, but when Yvette visited the whole village came out to greet her and proudly show her what they had achieved in their new community. 'When I started sponsoring Emmanuel, who was nine years old at the time, I never imagined I would meet him,' says Yvette. Emmanuel's father died of an AIDS-related illness and his mother is now living with HIV. Emmanuel and his brother live in their own home, a mud hut, beside his mother and cousin in their mud hut. 'I'm so glad I had the chance to meet Emmanuel and wish I had visited sooner. I can't wait to go back to Uganda again,' says Yvette.

This is a picture of an Amigos supporter smiling beside the boy she sponsors and his mother in Uganda

A life-changing trip to ‘real Africa’
Miriam was overwhelmed when she visited the child she sponsors. 'I cannot express what a joy it is to meet with a child living in a country where a lack of education means a struggle to survive and know that you are having a direct impact on that person's life. It's an amazing feeling!'

This is a picture of an Amigos supporter smiling alongside three children and their mother in Uganda


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