What do you receive?

Be amazed by the impact you're helping to create

As soon as you sign up to sponsor a child you will receive a welcome pack which includes a photo and profile of the child you’re supporting. The pack explains exactly how sponsorship works and you can write to your sponsored child immediately if you’d like to.

When you sponsor a child you get the chance to build up a friendship with them and become like their Aunty or Uncle. You will receive:

  • A photo of your sponsored child
  • A profile of your sponsored child
  • A handwritten letter from your sponsored child at least twice a year
  • If you decide to give a financial gift at Christmas you'll receive information detailing the life-changing present your sponsored child received
  • Once a year you will be sent a recent photo so you can see how your sponsored child is growing and developing with your support

Your one-to-one relationship with your sponsored child means you will see first-hand how your donation makes a difference. If you'd like to, you can even fly out and visit your sponsored child.

This is a picture of a Ugandan child sat at a table writing a letter to his sponsor

Over time you’ll see how your support is helping to transform the life of your sponsored child, and the lives of those around them. The ripple effects of your kindness will be felt for years to come.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: Sponsoring a child through our local staff means we know what problems your sponsored child faces and what help he/she needs. We aim to achieve as much as possible with every penny you give us.

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This is a picture of a man with his arm around a child in Uganda

The Impact

Child Sponsorship helps children, families and communities in poverty unlock a brighter future

EDUCATION: Education provides children the opportunity to escape poverty and improve their quality of life. At present 1 in 4 Ugandans do not complete their secondary education.

SAVING CHILDHOODS: Sponsorship keeps girls safe from child marriage and premature pregnancies.

FOOD SECURITY: Nutritious food is a vital building block for children’s growth and development. Did you know the growing brain of a five-year-old requires 44% of their total energy consumption? Poor diets steal this energy away, which is why sponsored children receive a school dinner every day.

KNOWLEDGE: Sponsorship brings knowledge into a deprived household. How? A child can read the back of a medicine bottle, for example.

DISASTER PREVENTION: In case of strong winds, fire or storms, the programme has a fund to support affected families.

HEALTHCARE: Every year thousands of children in Uganda die before their fifth birthday. Your sponsorship can help children gain access to essential healthcare treatment.

CARE FOR HIV AND AIDS: Amigos is currently providing support to children affected by HIV and AIDS through counselling and access to testing.

CLEAN WATER: Dirty water is one of the biggest killers of children under five. Through the Child Sponsorship programme we help communities gain access to clean, safe water and good sanitation.

CHILD PROTECTION: Your sponsorship can help families to protect their children from sexual and/or commercial exploitation.

FUTURE: Education increases the opportunity for a child to acquire a job. Increased household income can provide support for the next generation of school-aged children in the extended family.

If facts and stats aren't your thing, here's a day-in-the-life example of the difference sponsorship makes...

What Sponsorship Means to Your Child

Meet 'Patrick', a non-sponsored child: Patrick lives in rural Uganda, he does not have a sponsor. He drinks a glass or two of clean water at home but will have to go thirsty at school. If he’s lucky he may get to take some leftovers for his lunch, but it’s more likely his only meal will be dinner in the evening with his family. When he's at school he won't have all the books and materials that he needs because his family can't afford them - this will reduce his chances of doing well. At night he will sleep on the floor, or on a papyrus mat. Due to a lack of school fees he will probably have to drop out of school, typically around secondary age when the cost increases. With limited qualifications he will be destined to lead his adult life scraping by on less than $1 a day - below the poverty line.

Meet 'Brenda', a sponsored child: Brenda also lives in rural Uganda, but she is blessed to have a sponsor. When she reports to school she will have all of the books and materials she needs, enabling her to do her very best. During the school day she will have water to drink whenever she needs it, and at lunchtime she will enjoy a school dinner ensuring hunger doesn’t affect her concentration in lessons. At night Brenda sleeps well on a mattress, after enjoying an evening meal with her family. Without the frequently impossible challenge of meeting school fees, Brenda will complete her primary and secondary education and will go on to typically live her adult life on $5 a day - well above the poverty line.

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If you would like any more information we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at info@amigos.org.uk or call on 01271 377664

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