Working With the Whole Person

A Complete Package

Young people in Uganda are full of potential, energy and talent, but they are trapped in a cycle of poverty. At Kira we aim to change the mindset of the trainees, to help them see what they can do for themselves, and change poverty from the inside out.

We believe in holistic social transformation and throughout the year the trainees complete courses in character development, conflict resolution, biblical discipleship, health and hygiene, and nutrition.

The sheer determination and hard work of previous trainees, often in the face of great obstacles, has seen them transform their own lives. This change can be exponential, as every young person passes on what they have learnt to their communities.

Read on to find out how students have changed from the inside out...

This is a picture of Kira farm student Benedict smiling   'I LOVE THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT MYSELF NOW'
  Benedict suffered from low self-esteem and never thought he would find
  respect in his community. Just a few months after leaving Kira Farm he is
  working three jobs and has local young people queuing up to be trained by him
  Read Benedict's story here

Esther’s way of thinking has been transformed. 'At Kira I started believing in myself again and hoping for a better future. I now feel valued and hope to live the life I dared not dream about before. I thank Amigos for helping me to become the kind of person I was created to be.' Read Esther’s story here. 

                                            This is a picture of Kira farm graduate Esther with her mother and sister kneeling beside a shelter in Uganda

Discover how Dennis arrived at Kira as a damaged young man with little confidence and how he blossomed into an inspirational trainer for the bicycle repair project. Read Dennis's story here

                                               This is a picture of Kira farm graduate Dennis training men to repair bicycles

On graduation, Esther, hit the ground running. 'I feel like I lost a lot of time believing people when they told me I can’t make it. Now it’s like my eyes have been opened and my hands and feet have been released. I can’t seem to do enough, so every day I push myself to do more than I did yesterday to make up for lost time.' Read Esther’s story here.

                                               This is a picture of a Kira farm graduate washing her hands with a tippy tap

Gerald, 19, was taken by rebel soldiers as a child and held in captivity for one year. When he arrived at Kira he was full of self-hatred and suffered from terrible nightmares because he had been forced to participate in brutal killings by his rebel leaders. At Kira Gerald had the opportunity to receive discipleship, counselling and learn about conflict resolution. Over time he has changed into a happy, positive, young man and today he is working for an NGO planting trees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Read more about Gerald here.


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