Sponsor a Kira Farm Trainee

This is a unique opportunity to transform a life and build a connection with the person you're supporting

What you receive

  • A certificate of your sponsored trainee
  • A profile and photo of your sponsored trainee
  • Throughout the year you will receive monthly emails and photos from your trainee
  • You will be given Kira Farm's email and Skype address so you can stay in touch with your sponsored trainee and encourage and support them as they progress throughout the year

How are trainees selected? Each trainee has been handpicked from some of the most disadvantaged regions of Uganda, which have experienced many years of AIDS, rebel activity and extreme poverty.

How does it work? Through training in vocational skills, conservation farming and holistic life-skills, the trainees are equipped and empowered to have a bright and secure future.

What impact will my sponsorship have? On graduation, trainees have the ability to support themselves and pass on what they have learnt to at least 50 members of their community, creating sustainable change in rural Uganda.

Who is sponsorship suitable for? Due to the higher cost, this sponsorship scheme often works well for a family, business, church, school or club, but we also have generous individuals who enjoy this type of 'hands on' sponsorship opportunity.

Please download our information pack for more details. 

Geoffrey Turned His Mum's Business Around

Thanks to the business skills he acquired at Kira Farm, Geoffrey was able to make his mother's failing business profitable once more. As a result the family could afford to pay school fees so all of his siblings could get back into education again. Read his full story here 

                                  This is a picture of Kira student Geoffrey smiling

Three Lives Transformed

Evelyn, a single mum from Kitgum, is a recent graduate from Kira Farm. She couldn’t afford to send her two young children to school and was determined to learn a skill that could help fund their future. Evelyn was extremely focused and chose tailoring as her main vocational skill. Within six months of graduation, armed with some micro finance (a small loan to help her get started), Evelyn is happily making garments for sale, which is funding her children's education and keeping her little family comfortable.

                                  This is a picture of Kira graduate Evelyn smiling inside her shop where she is selling the garments she has made

The Milkman Who Means Business

William works as a milkman, supplying 40 litres of milk every day to shops and restaurants in Masindi town on the back of his motorbike. He is confident, happy and in a position to support his family and save for the future. This is remarkable for someone who never went to secondary school and grew up in desperate poverty. After a year at Kira, where he felt loved and supported, William has gained the skills needed to start his own business. Read more about the transformation William has brought about in his own life. 

This is a picture of Kira graduate William with his wife and child, holding his bicycle used to deliver milk

Alternatively... join the 800 club

For just £1 a week you can support Kira Farm Development Centre to train up to 40 trainees every year. If 800 people gave £1 a week, Kira would fund itself. Take a look at our information pack to find out more.

Every penny you give will go directly to Kira Farm.

Bright, aspiring trainees need your help today. Together we can give them a brighter future.

Interested? Email info@amigos.org.uk or call 01271377664

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