Meet the Ugandan Staff

Meet Trainers at Kira Farm

There are many different ways in which you can support Kira Farm Development Centre - one fundamental way is by sponsoring a trainer. Most of our trainers are part time and earn about £125 per month, you can decide what percentage of their salary you would like to contribute. If you wish, you can contact your trainer via Skype and email to encourage and support them in their work.

Please download our information pack and help us provide more vocational options for an inspiring group of students.

Godwin Ssesazi BA

Director of Operations

Godwin is a natural leader and well respected by people of all ages. He has 11 years' experience working as an Associate Pastor at Victory Church Ntinda, where his role included management, overseeing finance and accounts, planning projects and missions. Prior to his appointment as Director of Operations, Godwin was the resident pastor at Kira Farm Development Centre, providing counselling, discipleship and spiritual support to staff and students. Godwin's true passion is development from the inside out - leading to real and lasting transformation. 

Titus Okello BA

Livelihoods and Community Extension Coordinator

As the Extension Coordinator Titus’s role is varied and wide-ranging. Titus oversees all of our work with Kira into Rural Uganda (KiRU), heading up numerous conservation farming groups, managing our core group of extension workers, and developing new initiatives such as village savings groups. Titus also teaches WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Appropriate Technologies and Natural Medicines. Titus has always dreamed of working with an NGO that can unite him with local communities. Amigos is very fortunate to have him as part of our great Ugandan team.

Joseph Sabiiti

Amigos Child Sponsorship Coordinator

Joseph oversees our Child Sponsorship programme, visiting our sponsored children at home and at school. Joseph collects letters and school report cards three times a year to send to our sponsors, he pays school fees and coordinates the children’s savings programme. Joseph also plays an active role in receiving and hosting international volunteers: arranging travel, accommodation, home visits, and safaris. Joseph speaks 17 languages/dialects!

Joshua Kizito BA

Youth Empowerment Facilitator

Joshua has a degree in Adults and Community Education; he specialised in working with, and educating, vulnerable groups (eg disabled), with a focus on how they can access resources and become self-reliant. He has previously worked in child sponsorship for another NGO, and he worked with international volunteers with Watoto, Kampala. As Youth Empowerment Facilitator, Joshua  is responsible for Kira’s curriculum, overseeing all trainers, and also helping trainees with their personal development. Joshua is central to the smooth running and success of Kira Farm and he is an invaluable part of the team.

Mary Kizito

Operation assistant and manageress

Mary is responsible for our trainees’ and staff well-being. She is central to making the whole project run smoothly, liaising between Godwin, Joshua and the entire Kira community. Mary is also manageress of Kira Lodges, our income generating guesthouses/trainees learning centre, enabling ‘real-life’ training for Kira young people who are interested in finding employment in the catering sector. Mary is married to Joshua and plays a key role in hosting international trips

Vincent Anguyo

Agriculture Trainer and Farm Manager

Vincent is our specialist in conservation farming techniques. He’s out in the field most days supervising all crop production, working closely with our trainees. Vincent has gone through extensive training in ‘Farming God’s Way’ and loves passing on his knowledge to others. Vincent was one of our first trainees and proved so good, we couldn't let him go!

Milly Wasige

Child Sponsorship Coordinator

Milly has a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, specialising in Social Administration and Economics. She has been working in the NGO sector for over ten years and is a great asset to the Amigos team. Milly is our newest member of staff and has fantastic interpersonal skills - she relates easily with different age groups which is vital for her role in the Child Sponsorship department. Milly has the passion, training and experience to support vulunerable children and help them to make the right life choices. She lives with her husband, John, and their two lovely boys, Joshua and Samuel.

Joeline Namakula Dip IT

Admin/Accounts Administrator

Joeline was the first ever child to be sponsored through Amigos. Since gaining her A levels she has gone on to help fund herself through evening classes to gain a diploma in IT and business studies. Joeline is responsible for data entry and keeping accurate accounts for Amigos Uganda.

Lydia Namirembe BA

Tailoring and Crafts Trainer

Lydia provides creative hands-on training, equipping our students to make garments for adults and children, as well as the creation of decorative household items. Lydia also teaches the decorating of fabrics through painting and tie-dye, the weaving of bags as well as the manufacture of crafts such as necklaces, earrings, and bangles.

Alex Lutakome PGDE

Building, Cement and Thatching Trainer

In between training at Kira Farm, Alex has his own very successful building and thatching business. Many of Alex’s grass thatched buildings have become iconic structures throughout Uganda. Alex brings a unique twist of using traditional African designs and natural resources coupled with down-to-earth techniques. We are incredibly fortunate to have Alex sharing his rare skills with our trainees.

Nantongo Mwajuma

Hairdressing and Beautician Trainer

As a beautician Nantongo trains our girls in hair and skincare and beauty products. This wide-ranging course also includes colouring, extensions, braiding and hair straightening as well as manicures, pedicures, nail services and make-up. Many Kira graduates go on to set up successful hairdressing salons in their own homes, providing much needed income for their families.

Justin Ocira

Carpentry Trainer

Justin loves training young Ugandans in the much needed skill of woodwork. From crafts, household furniture, cutting in a roof or making doors and windows, Justin makes sure a Kira trainee is able to supplement their income by turning their hands to carpentry when returning to rural Uganda.

Peter Genza BA

Business and Leadership Trainer

Peter’s role at Kira is to help each trainee become a skilful and confident entrepreneur through a series of short courses. As an entrepreneur himself nothing brings Peter more pleasure than helping each Kira trainee reach their full potential. Peter’s other passion is training pastors and community leaders into effective leadership, which he does very successfully through our KiRU program.

Joshua Nsereko Dip

ICT Trainer

Joshua is a vibrant young man who has a passion to help others. Joshua is not only responsible for Kira Farm's IT, but also teaches our trainees in basic computer skills. Joshua has quite a challenge on his hands as most of our trainees come from rural Uganda and have never had the opportunity to even see a computer. 


Denis Obia

Farm Assistant and Bicycle Repairs Trainer

Denis is one of our two interns assisting Peter and Alex in the training of carpentry and building, alongside crop production with Vincent in the field. Denis is a huge support to all Kira staff and trainers, and a shining example to new Kira trainees.  

Ivan Muddu

Kira Farm Cook

Ivan's responsibilities at Kira includes preparing three main meals a day, keeping both staff and trainees very well fed. Ivan is a former Kira trainee who always has a big smile and is seen by the trainees as one of the most important people at the centre!

Concey Balimwitayijo

Security Guard

Concey helps look after Kira Farm Development Centre 24/7. Concey also helps in ground duties and raising tree seedlings. Our security guards are valued members of the Amigos family.  

Ronald Ochan

Security Guard

Ronald is one of our two security guards that looks after Kira Farm Development Centre 24/7. Ronald also helps in ground duties and raising tree seedlings.

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