Farming God's Way

Dramatically Increasing Crop Yields

Although many young people in Uganda have access to land, they haven’t been taught sustainable farming methods and struggle to grow enough to survive. Vast areas of fertile land in Uganda lies barren, while people go to bed hungry.

In Uganda 86% of the population are subsistence farmers, yet more than 50% live in poverty and are unable to feed their families properly. Despite Uganda’s good soil and favourable weather, the poor are getting poorer.

At Kira Farm Development Centre we believe we have part of the solution: conservation farming – a tool which empowers the poor to help themselves. It is a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly method of farming, in contrast to the traditional slash and burn approach.

This is a picture of Kira students being taught to farm God's way in Uganda

At Kira we teach the model developed by a movement called Farming God’s Way, which combines biblical training, innovative technology and effective management to unlock the potential of the land.

Why is Farming God’s Way so good?

  • Farming God’s Way (FGW) increases crop yield up to four-fold
  • Conservation farming improves the long-term productivity of the land. This is in contrast to the usual ‘slash and burn’ method that is destroying much of Africa’s fertile soil.
  • By improving the productivity of the land FGW reduces the need for chemical fertilizers
  • Kira Farm graduates can take the farming skills and knowledge they have acquired back to their communities and help transform farming techniques in rural Uganda.

At Kira Farm Development Centre students learn conservation farming techniques which are environmentally friendly and equip trainees with the skills to feed themselves, and their extended families, three meals a day. With the ability to grow extra crops to sell they can use the spare income to pay for their children to go to school and purchase essential items such as soap and salt. In this way, hope and dignity can be restored in their lives.

This is an info-graphic showing the conservation yield compared to traditional farming yield

Find out how Kira offers trainees a second chance...

The Young, Single Mum Who Has Found Respect in Her Community - through farming!

This is a picture of Kira farm student Peace smiling

Just a few months after graduating from Kira Farm Peace has put into practice her new conservation farming techniques, taught the method to ladies in her community, and is set to harvest USh 1,000,000 (£250) worth of crops. Read her story here

Brian Has Already Trebled His Tomato Yield

This is a picture of Kira student Brian holding fruit in a field in Uganda

Thanks to the training in conservation farming Brian received at Kira Farm, he has tripled the amount of tomatoes he grows, and increased his profit margins further by taking care of his own storage and packing, and transporting his tomatoes directly to market to sell himself instead of using middle men. Read Brian's story here

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