Practical Skills

Equipping Students With a Trade

This is a picture of a Kira student making chairs in a carpentry class in Uganda

Uganda has both the youngest population in the world and the highest rates of youth unemployment. The solution? Young people setting up small businesses. During the 12 month residential course at Kira Farm Development Centre students learn vocational skills alongside farming methods. They can choose between:

  • Tailoring
  • Basic Cookery
  • Carpentry
  • Bicycle repairs
  • Bee-keeping
  • Hairdressing
  • Construction

When they complete their course the trainees can acquire the tools they need (eg a sewing machine, carpentry kit), via micro-finance, to set themselves up in business. The same applies for seeds and farming equipment.

William, Samuel and Eveline explain how their lives have changed since they took part in the one year training programme at Kira Farm Development Centre 

100% of the trainees who graduated in 2013 now have their own business or are in employment.

Impressive stuff since only 17% of young people in Uganda are employed.

Kira Farm Success Stories 

   Justin spent time in prison as a teenager and felt hopeless about his future.   
   Today, thanks to the construction skills he acquired at Kira Farm he has a    
   successful building business. 
   Find out about all the amazing projects Justin has up sleeve!

  Just a few months after graduating from Kira Farm Morris is inundated with    
  work and is even hiring other young people to help him with his business 
  Find out how Morris is building a brighter future for his family.

   William, grew up in abject poverty. Today he supplies 40 litres of milk every day  
   to shops and restaurants on the back of his motorbike.  
   Together with his wife Monica they are developing a tailoring training centre.  
   Find out how this young man transformed his own life.

   As a child Sarah was forced to fight as a soldier in the Lord's Resistance Army.  
   Today she has found healing from her past and set up a successful  
   doughnut restaurant. Find out how she did it.


   Determined to make the most of everything Kira had to offer, Sylvia has    
   created a successful tailoring business, poultry project and goat project   
   Find what her neighbours think of this new woman!


Kira Farm graduate, Ivan, reveals how he lifted himself out of poverty thanks to the new skills he acquired at Kira Farm...


This is an info-graphic of the impact an Amigos student can make once graduating



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