Breaking the Cycle

Kira into Rural Uganda (KiRU)

Kira into Rural Uganda (KiRU) is an effective programme that seeks to maximise impact in rural areas in a cost-efficient way. Through listening to the needs of a community, being smart about where we place our energies, and strategic in our approach, we can achieve our ultimate goal – to invest in the training/skilling of a group of people of all ages, enabling sustainable living through their own hard work. 

Ugandans have the resources to help themselves, they just don’t know how and simply getting through each day is a struggle. They need support and encouragement. Once they are equipped and encouraged they will be able to change their own lives, we call this changing poverty from the inside out.

KiRU is making a difference in three main areas:

1) Conservation farming - enabling rural subsistence farmers to increase their crop yields up to four-fold with environmentally-friendly farming techniques. This training is supported with technology and tools which help farmers harvest, store and process their crops.

2) Water - constructing wells, introducing technologies such as rainwater harvesting tanks, tippy taps, bio-sand water filters; and providing training in health and hygiene.

3) Microfinance - providing soft loans to people in poverty. We believe microfinance is a sustainable means of poverty alleviation leading to lasting, holistic development. Capital and tools empower entrepreneurs to build businesses, support their families and transform their communities.

This is a picture of two young girls smiling, holding harvested beans in Uganda

We move at the pace the local community wants to move at

Through KiRU we aim to stand alongside a community, partnering with them to help them improve their lives individually and collectively. Amigos are merely facilitators in the process, providing training and knowledge, however the results and outcomes are achieved by the people themselves. We believe this kind of organic community development is crucial for long-term sustainability, and is key to changing poverty from the inside out.

We recognise that successful development moves at the pace the local people wishes. We never seek to impose our opinions or objectives; we listen to the community, and then listen again. Together we formulate a plan to move forward. We work to unlock people’s potential; helping whole communities to use the resources that are freely available within their environment.

We promote a Biblical approach of 10% of each individual/community crops to be brought centrally, and either given to the widows and orphans for food, or sold for their benefit (i.e. school fees etc.) We see this as a sustainable and indigenous approach which results in long term benefits rather than a quick fix.

This is a picture of a Kira farm student with her sewing machine during a tailoring class

This is a picture of a Kira farm student making a brick wall during his building class

This is a picture of mother and 6 children outside their brick home in Uganda

When Lovinsa attended an Amigos women's training programme she developed a can-do attitude and some new skills. As a result she has set up a successful poultry business which has paid for a new roof on her house. 'For the first time in my life I feel successful,' she smiles. Read Lovinsa's full story here 


This is a picture of 3 Ugandan woman holding certificates from a training programme under the shade of a tree

Thanks to a women's community training programme Jessica (centre) moved from self-pity to self-reliance and gained the skills to transform her own life. 'I feel like a bird that was caged and is now free to soar to new horizons.' Read Jessica's story here



Change a person, change a family, change a community

Last year through KiRU...

7457 people in rural communities accessed safe water thanks to KiRU - in the form of rainwater harvesting jars, water filters, boreholes and shallow wells.

1401 poor people's lives were improved through training in conservation farming. Better farming means everyone has more to eat and it brings an income into households.

361 poor people's lives were improved through micro finance which enabled them to start, or improve, their small businesses.

We work to unlock people’s potential and help them to discover that the answer to poverty is within themselves. We won’t stop until poverty stops.

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