A Happy Hairdresser!

Mildred was orphaned after her mother died giving birth and her father was killed a few years later in an accident. Before she came to Kira she was living with her 77-year-old grandmother and only just surviving.

‘Life before Kira was very hard for us - on many occasions we would go for days without any food,’ explains Mildred. The family were very poor and often fell sick as they couldn’t afford essentials like soap for personal hygiene. Since Mildred’s time at Kira Farm life has changed dramatically. ‘I have learned essential survival skills like building energy-efficient cooking stoves, using tippy taps, learning about natural medicines and re-usable sanitary pads,’ she smiles.

Orphan to entrepreneur

Mildred left Kira with a very positive mindset, no longer pitying herself because she had lost her parents. She taught her grandmother the business skills she learned at Kira and together they have started making doughnuts and selling them in the neighbourhood.

Once the business was up and running, Mildred was able to make use of the tailoring and hairdressing skills she’d acquired at Kira Farm. The enterprising young woman left her grandmother to take care of the doughnut business and started pursuing more avenues to generate income.

From strength to strength

Mildred and her grandmother now make over £4 a day from the doughnut business and £8 - £10 a day from hairdressing and tailoring. Since Amigos trained Mildred the little family have never slept hungry and by using less firewood, practising good hygiene and eating well, they are managing to save as much as £5 a day. They have moved from a single room into a two-bedroom house and Mildred has brought together her four younger sisters back together – the girls had been living in difficult conditions with relatives. Today Mildred is able to take care of her sisters and pay their school fees.

Positive change

At present, Mildred has moved to Mpigi and is working in one of the biggest hair salons in the area. She comes back home to see the family twice a week. Mildred thanks God for the enormous change in her life and the fact her family have been lifted out of poverty. She is so happy that everyone is together under one roof again and that her sisters have the opportunity to gain a good education.

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